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The best bondage gear, bdsm restraints, sex toys from mild to extreme, including ball gags strap on dildos, fetish wear, dildos, harnesses, chastity devices, e-stim, stormy leather and syren latex, and more.We have Leather BDSM Lingerie and Bondage accessories including Restraints, Clips, Mouth Gags, Whips, Clamps, Masks, Hoods, Swings, Rope and Sex toys for men only, everything from

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clit potions and an erection rings, masturbators, pumps and extenders, which all have one thing in common: they are for men only! While some men to use these types of toys refuse to truly love others. Again, it's really up to you and your personal taste. we recommend you try everything once - after all, you may find that male sex toys to bring an exciting dimension to your sex life - alone or with a partner.

cock with cock-ring and piercing


Pumps, Sleeves, and Extender Ticklers

Penis Pumps

A vacuum / suction device used for drawing the blood into the penis, a penis pump either slightly enlarges your erection or helps you build a more powerful one. These toys do not have any kind of permanent lengthening effect, but the temporary illusion can be very exciting for both the eye and under control. Also, as blood is a good thing in the penis, as a rule, the stimulation by penis pumps can be produced very satisfactory.

penis pump

penis pump is perfect for men with erectile dysfunction or for men who can't get a strong erection. It's good if you have medical conditions or surgery that prevent you from getting an erection. It is very effective and delivers good suction which forces your penis to become erect.

While men with erectile problems have used these toys for years, most men find to produce the suction these toys - whether it be gentle or powerful - intensely enjoyable. Some men use penis pumps ready for partner sex. Others use them to achieve a strong orgasm. Another option is to use the pump for an orgasm while exploring a partner with the other hand. See? The options are numerous - and pleasurable!

If you have erectile dysfunction, we highly recommend purchasing the Beaded Prolong Ring to keep your erection firm once the pumping is complete. We also recommend using lubrication because it will reduce friction and give you a better air seal. Instructions of penis pump use can be found here: Penis Pump Info.

Male Masturbation Sleeves & Toys

The ultimate male pleasure toys is to serve a masturbation sleeve simple: You put your penis into the soft, warm masturbator and pump away. For a variety of substances, masturbators can like flashlights, beer cans, extra-large penises or realistic vagina are formed, and are usually internally coated with silicone or CyberskinTM to simulate vaginal walls.

tenga flip holeThe Original Tenga Flip Hole- The revolutionary masturbation sleeve for men is the most outstanding sex toy for men on the market today. Easy to clean, discreet and amazing to use. (Tenga Lite not shown in video)

While masturbation sleeves are an ideal nightstand choice for the individual, there is no reason why men in partnerships can not use them too. Many couples enjoy it, fitted a treat breast with fun items for both partners, use either alone or together side-by-side. If you've never been a Masturbator've tried, you might consider. Like a dildo or vibrator for women masturbators offer a degree of control over your orgasm that many men find exciting and satisfying.

Mounting Rings

Mounting rings restrict the flow of blood from the erect penis, creating a pleasant feeling of tightness and pressure to prolong erection, and sometimes delaying ejaculation. Usually worn on the underside of the penis behind the scrotum, some men enjoy erection rings around the base of their penis only. It really depends on the size and personal preferences.

You may find it easiest to put on an erection ring before your penis is erect, but you want to experiment to find out what works best for you. You should ring when it is inconvenient to remove - take no longer than 30 minutes. Beginners should play around with different durations, just to make sure that they can hurt themselves. To avoid unpleasant snaps, snags or crack, you might want to trim or shave the hair in the area where you will wear the bracelet or ring, or use a little lubrication to lubricate the wheels.

Mounting rings come in all sizes, materials and constructions. Here are a few of the most popular:

Single-band ring placed behind the scrotum and fastened over the top of the penis, this adjustable strap usually made of leather. This can be easily removed straps are perfect for beginners.
Solid ring made of sturdy plastic or metal, can be dangerous, these solid rings, if you're not experienced. Be careful. Insert your flaccid penis through the ring, then hold your testicles one at a time through the hoop. Solid rings do not have any snaps or buckles, so the only way you're going to get them away from the loss of your erection, either by removal of the stimulus or ejaculation.
Testicular Spreader Set the longer strap behind the scrotum and leave it closed at the top of the penis, forming a ring. The short straps should be hanging behind the scrotum. Let each short strap to the ring with one hand a testicle and the other followed to bring the strap between the testicles to the sides of the ring.
Testicle Stretcher Place the longest strap behind the scrotum and leave it closed at the top of the penis. Pull your testicles at the bottom of your scrotum and leave the widest piece of leather around the scrotum above the testicles. Bring the thin strap between the testicles and leave them to the ball stretcher. Adding small weights or a leash attached ring can increase the sensation of pressure - it sounds very complicated, but some men really enjoy these doohickeys.
Vibrating Ring This type of mounting ring is designed to stimulate both partners with vibration during intercourse. Normally, a single-band ring made of a firmer erection jelly material slips the ring onto his penis and then usually a facility for a vibrator. The ball can operate on a battery or with newer technologies may simply require the insertion of the battery. The ball can stimulate at the top of the penis, the woman partner's clitoris or put below the penis to stimulate his testicles are worn.

Do not use erection rings if you bleed easily and have a blood clotting disorder, if you are diabetic, or if you are on a vessel or nerve diseases. Use these toys, if you are taking anticoagulants, aspirin or other blood thinning medications. Including bruising, pain, bleeding or loss of sensation - - If you feel discomfort or unusual changes in the body to experience the ring and go to your doctor. Do not place over sore, swollen, or infected areas or in areas without sensation.

If your erection ring feels to lose, you can customize in general, the size by one part of the ring near the clasp from. Please email us at, if you need information about whether a certain erection ring has need this function. If you can not get an erection ring, please use scissors to remove the ring.

Penis Extenders

penis extender

Also known as PPA, this hollow penis-shaped dildo fits in one's own penis. You can use these in order to increase the length or width of the penis to maintain or simulate an erection, or just because you feel like a different penis for the day.

Men with erectile dysfunction love extenders, which help simulate the thrusting that accompanies traditional intercourse. But do not think they can not use other men also, even men who are more than the length and extent of their members are satisfied. With a sex toy is all for trying new things!

In order to understand the results you must be familiar with the anatomy of the penis. The penis has 3 independent cylinders called corpus cavernosum (Corpora Cavernosa). These cylinders have chambers that expand and fill with blood to create an erection. Their ability to fill with blood during sexual arousal is what defines the length and thickness of the penis at this point. Aging decreases this function. However, the corpus cavernosum are the main receptors of blood and hold 90% of the blood at the time of having an erection.

Naturally, the penis has its limitations in terms of length and thickness since the size is related to the ability of the corpus cavernosum to storage blood during an erection, which means that the penis is not able to increase its size by itself. At the time of an erection, a hormone segregated by the brain fills the erectile tissue with blood and once the corpus cavernosum are filled, the penis stops growing.

You should use some Penis Enlargement Technique if you are experiencing one of the following problems:

Penis Sleeves & French Ticklers

The French Tickler features as prominently in adolescent sexual mythology as Spanish fly, with one noticeable difference: Spanish Fly is imaginary and clitoris are real products. While not the "tongue" at the tip of a condom, such as French Ticklers are often described, are still fun to use clit toys for men during sexual intercourse.

Made from a stretchy material fit as latex, rubber or jelly, the shaft of the clitoris and penis are usually with a tactile feature that increases stimulation for the wearer of the partners are covered. For example, a typical tickler might a rubber sheath about two inches long, covered with flat rubber nubs. Another suggestion would be a short, pineapple-shaped sleeve with rubber "fronds" to both the wearer and his partner to excite.

While some men complain about the friction, many men swear that they and their partners swoon with delight over this intercourse-enhancer. If you rubbed the sleeves feel a little too much, try some lubrication for a slicker time.

Ringer Tickler Penis Ring

The Ringer Tickler is a very comfortable cock ring is an erection control device and clitoral stimulator at the same time. Not only will you keep your erection hard and delay premature ejaculation but you will also please your partner! The long soft ticklers will come in contact with her clitoris with every thrust in adding a level of excitement to your sex, giving her stimulation that your penis alone can not provide.

The first ring with the ticklers goes around the base of your penis, these ticklers will make contact with her vaginal lips heightening her sexual response. The larger ring wraps around your testicles and helps to delay ejaculation by squeezing the dorsal veins and restricting flow of fluids in to your penis.

To put on this cock ring, put your penis through the small hole and pull your testicles through the larger hole one at a time. Use a small about of water based lubrication to help ease it on and it will also make removal easier and more comfortable.

The Dual Ringer tickler cock ring is made of high quality soft rubber that easily stretches to fit any size. A very effective cock ring that has a happy ending for both partners!


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